Track and Organize

Imperagive lets you organize and track your gift-giving, AND SHOP (even for yourself!), helping you get time back and meet your obligations. It is the personal obligation solution! You’ll never miss a birthday or anniversary or whatever… it’s easy, automatic, free and ad-free.


Get Back Time

You’re busy with work or school. You can’t always be there for special occasions, and shopping for some commitments can be time-consuming. Basically, too little time and lots of obligations. Configurable reminders help you keep track. See all upcoming events to shop for, or just a special someone’s.

Connect to Give

Imperagive connects your friends’ special occasions to gift giving approved by you. Select contacts, choose gifts and track holidays and events; Imperagive refines recommendations as you shop. Never miss an event. Use secure online stores, and set up Imperagive when convenient for you. Available now Google Play.