Advising and Consulting Services

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Identify new revenue streams & risks to current ones
Align your plans & strategy ↔ growth objectives
Develop and price products and services
Setup and manage your third-parties & access to their IP

We help small business owners and solopreneurs acquire the technology they need to achieve their business goals, either by licensing existing IP or developing their own.

For companies that require fractional operational executive assistance or help with coordinating multiple third party service providers. You’ve hired several vendors, and need someone to take point… from a few hours per week and up, Height Connect Inc. can augment your leadership team and facilitate third-party IT vendor relationships.

Height Connect Inc. provides the following services:

  • Business plan and strategy review and advice
  • Review of current project state to align with business objectives
  • Direct interaction with your third parties
  • Project plan review and recommendations
  • Developing overall program direction, including project plans, timelines, milestones
  • Coordination and facilitation of calls, webinars, demonstrations and meetings
  • Identify risks and barriers to project completion, and develop mitigations
  • Research on, and negotiation with, potential third-party vendors for supply of their intellectual property
  • Research and prospect leads for third-party relationships followed by introductory needs analysis/discovery meeting
  • Recommend negotiating strategies and positions, review risks and potentials; evaluate third-party vendor’s needs and goals
  • Product and service development analysis and recommendations
  • Research and data collection, analysis and recommendations

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Outsourced Software Development and Testing

What are you looking for in an outsourcing partner? Value? Trust? A long-term relationship? Collaboration? Innovation? We represent Ardas, a quality offshore outsourcing group that will augment your team with bench strength for your software development and/or quality assurance programs. Why Offshore?

  • Decreased direct costs vs. permanent FTE’s – loaded per hour costs are one-third to one-half local talent rates
  • Training – we do all orientation and training
  • Team Flexibility and Scalability – you can quickly and easily change type, number, skill sets, mix of the talent needed
  • Admin savings – the administration of local staff is no longer your concern; talent management is done by us; no office space or G&A worries
  • Focus on Core – hiring and interview processes consume the time and energy of team members who would be better focused on their day-day work, not hiring activities.

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