About Us

The Company

Height Connect develops and markets ecommerce software channels for individuals and businesses. Based in Toronto, Canada, its unique offering helps people recognize special events in friends’ lives, or companies to reward milestones in employees’ careers.

The Vision

Height Connect aims to be the preferred ecommerce channel for anyone looking for gifts, from single individuals up to large enterprises. We do this by uniquely combining the “who, when and what” details of your gifting as you shop. Through ease of use, workflow and automation, our products elevate relationships through generosity; that is, they “heighten your connections”.

The Products

The products simplify and streamline the shopping experience. They allow users to “pre-stage” purchases – from the online stores of their choice – based on who’s getting gifted and when it should happen.

The Users

Imperagive users are individuals who want to simplify shopping, save time, meet obligations and enhance relationships.
Anscend users are organizations seeking to reduce costs and administration of managing reward programs, and increase employee satisfaction.

Your Preferred Channel for Individual and Corporate E-Commerce.