Generosity Elevating Relationships


We Elevate Relationships

Height Connect developed Imperagive to help you, the time challenged shopper. You’re struggling to get things done due to other obligations in your life. From entrepreneurs to single mothers, overwhelmed parents, those working multiple jobs, or those taking care of aging seniors: Imperagive is an app that was developed to help you save time, save money, save embarrassment, and enhance relationships. Imperagive lets us all participate in online shopping.
Don’t know where to start? Download one of the free apps from Google Play. It looks at your contacts and allows you to schedule events and holidays and set reminders.
Imperagive makes shopping easy.

Height Connect also offers domain expertise and consulting services for email marketing, offshore outsourcing, software development and quality assurance, ESL document editing and Medical Imaging. Just click on Contact above and ask for information!