Elevating Business Relationships

Businesses Face a Host of Challenges

We provide guidance to the leadership of SMEs in Healthcare and other verticals.
We help small business owners and solopreneurs understand their business environment, develop strategies to mitigate risk and acquire the technology they need to achieve their business goals, either by licensing existing IP or developing their own.

Problems like revenue growth, expense control, customer attraction and retention… but the leadership of each company encounters daily hurdles. How do you deal with unfocused meetings, human resource issues, late or incorrect deliverables, email…plus resolving crises? Leaders crave meaningful discussions to brainstorm and articulate ideas, as well as bridging the technology to strategy gap, making buy vs. build decisions, developing negotiation strategies, and connecting and managing third parties for supply of their intellectual property.

Remove the mystery of engaging a consultant. Ask about your Starter Package!

Height Connect Inc. offers consulting services that address your business issues: risk mitigation, market research, contract negotiation, part-time operational executive help, IP vendor coordination, offshore outsourcing, software development & quality assurance, as well as hardware development.

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Elevating Business Relationships

Height Connect means:

Health Technology Consulting
Software and Hardware Services

We help companies with an operations or resource gap:

Small Businesses
Medium Size Businesses